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Four hours of darkness a day

I wanted at all costs to go north and when the opportunity arose to be able to stay there for two months, I didn't let it go. Those were the summer months when the sun shines even at midnight, despite the idea of Norway making us think of a frozen land, but I don't deny that the landscapes I saw made me want to go back, maybe in winter where there are four hours of light per day. Long and thin, home to trolls and fjords, I have traveled you from the far south of Oslo and Bergen to beyond the Arctic Circle in the north crossing lakes, rivers, coniferous forests and mountains. I walked for hours in the midst of the cold atmosphere of your landscapes, not meeting a single human being, but making encounters with elk, reindeer, musk oxen and lynx. I loved the order and the extreme cleanliness of your cities by the sea with their huge squares paved with cold colors, as well as the yellow and red wooden houses, with white frames and black roofs.

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