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South Africa
A wild dream

It was pleasant to feel the sensation of perennial earthquake, caused by the disconnected roads, on the jeep that accompanied me every day on the safari. The sun was different from what you can find everywhere and the atmosphere of wild freedom without borders made me go back to the origins, awakening hidden sides of the soul deriving from our ancestors who were little more than apes. In the most total calm a roar stopped me only for a few infinity according to the organs, a gigantic mass of armored skin that contains everything that nature has to show has passed me a few centimeters. I was there, on the black continent, where I needed nothing but eyes to look, ears to hear, a nose to smell and a heart as big as the continent itself to carve it inside. And I succeeded. From the wild areas of Marakele National Park and Selati Game Reserve, to the more man-made Cape Town, I have seen two sides of the country in four months, divided into two trips, and it still isn't enough for me.

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